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The projects of high-rise buildings have their own characteristics, which radically distinguish them from the projects of conventional buildings. For them, new design schemes have been created: wireframe, barrel, cross-wall and box-like.

Each scheme is chosen depending on the height of the building and construction conditions: ground features, seismicity and wind effects, and the influence of wind influences is usually more significant than seismic ones.

Exceptionally high demands are made on the safety of high-rise buildings: provision of escape routes, duplication of life support systems and, in particular, fire prevention measures.

Projects of high-rise buildings and buildings begin with the development of technical conditions and go through several stages:

  • The pre-project solution (draft design) is a draft version of the project for the customer, investor and local executive authorities to show directly the basis, the concept of the future design object. The pre-project (pre-investment) solution includes a scheme for locating an object on the ground with a preliminary calculation of parking spaces and driveways, a floor plan with zoning of premises according to purpose, an explanatory note and a 3D model (sketch) of the building. Also often in the pre-project solution include the economic component of the future building - a business plan or the calculation of investments for construction.
  • The architectural design includes, in contrast to the pre-project development, includes full-fledged drawings for all sections of engineering networks, architectural and construction solutions, budget documentation, master plan, etc. At the stage of the architectural design, in the two-stage development, an examination of the design solutions is carried out.
  • The building project is the maximally extended package of documents containing absolutely all necessary drawings and schemes (construction, foundations, rafters, nodes, communications). Unlike the project at stage "A", the construction project is supplemented by the specifications of materials and equipment.

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The "Project-M" company collects permits, examinations and author's supervision. We have the quality certificate of the provided services ISO 9001 and all necessary licenses. Prices for designing high-rise buildings from monolithic reinforced concrete are lower than those of competitors: they can be found on our website.

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