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Residential buildings

The construction of residential complexes and buildings is an attractive niche for the Belarusian business. The market of primary real estate is always in demand: investing in this sector, construction companies, of course, remain at a profit. Designing residential buildings and structures is a responsible task that determines 50% of the success of the whole enterprise. Offering optimal architectural, design and engineering solutions, Project-M has a reputation as a responsible, reliable partner.

Stages of work

Design of multi-apartment buildings involves a number of activities aimed at developing cost-effective and comfortable buildings in a short time.

Turning to the specialists of "Project-M", the customer wants to receive a ready, coordinated result in the shortest period. And the company meets expectations, carrying out consistent, systematic actions on:

  1. Pre-project preparation, including the study of the terrain, taking into account the ecology and climatic features, the formation of a technical task, the definition of a general concept of buildings, giving an exhaustive picture of the future facility.
  2. Coordination of the pre-project decision with the authorized bodies, obtaining the necessary permits in state bodies.
  3. Development of a construction project according to the chosen concept, design decision, sanitary, fire and technological standards.
  4. Carrying out of the coordination, examination of the project.
  5. Issue of design estimates for construction.

Designing of low-rise and multi-storey residential buildings with "Project-M" is fast, profitable, efficient. Offering standard and individual projects, the company carries out the supervision of the author in the process of their erection

Features of the design of residential buildings

The development of multi-apartment complex projects requires the strict adherence to technical and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Belarus (TNPA RB), which take into account:

  • technical parameters of the structure;
  • harmonious location of the object within the existing building, compliance with the town planning plan;
  • fire-fighting measures;
  • sanitary and hygienic requirements;
  • insolation of the premises (accounting for housing accommodation on the sunny side);
  • energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • engineering Communication;
  • lift and lifting equipment;
  • house territory.

Safety, functionality and durability of the building are provided by a well-designed project. When ordering the design of a residential complex, trust the team of professionals who have attested to the provision of this type of services and experience in the implemented facilities.

The advantages of cooperation with "Project-M"

"Project-M" guarantees:

  • loyal prices for projects of apartment buildings;
  • modern integrated approaches to the development and selection of the optimal design solution;
  • comfortable conditions of cooperation and long-term work;
  • development of design documentation in the spatial BIM-model, which makes it possible to visually examine the object with structures and communications and exclude their intersections;
  • the original embodiment of your ideas;
  • the shortest possible design time;
  • qualification and rich experience of employees.
  • a full range of services from a construction project and expertise to design and design supervision

Still have questions? Clarify the information on the company's activities from Project-M consultants in the online chat or by contacting us at the specified contacts.

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