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Modern trade infrastructure is characterized by a variety of its constituent objects. These include hypermarkets and supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers (TRC), shops of various levels, including step-by-step availability, etc. At the same time, the level of requirements imposed on them has increased significantly in recent years, which means that the quality requirements for design have also increased, and its cost has grown.

The organization of commercial buildings depends on their type: if the store is, as a rule, a fairly compact specialized premises, the mall has a broad profile and large areas, on which other activities can be carried out besides trade. Therefore, the projects of shopping centers and shops are made taking into account their functional purpose, profile and specific working conditions. In addition, they also come from the business plans submitted by the customer and the location of the future commercial building to the locality.

Features of designing of trading objects

The development of projects begins with an analysis of the documents provided by the customer. These include:

  • plans for retail premises indicating their size;
  • the location of the proposed location;
  • the desired profile of the building, the format of its operation;
  • data on loads on utility networks

According to the results of the analysis, after the collection of information, consultations and approvals with the client, direct design work begins. First of all, the general concept of the object is developed, then the preliminary design and three-dimensional modeling followed, giving the customer the choice of several visualization options. After its approval, a working project is developed with the layout of the working premises, the placement of engineering communications and the design of the appearance and interior. As with any design of commercial buildings and facilities, this process is completed with the completion of the technical documentation package and its delivery for approval.

When calculating the investment for construction, the following factors are taken into account:

  • the area of ​​trade and auxiliary premises;
  • height of buildings (single-storey or multi-storey);
  • expected yield (depends on the attendance and logistics of commodity flows).

In the final version, the customer is provided with documents for the object with a ready-made layout of retail premises, recommendations for the installation and placement of commercial and other equipment, calculation of consumed electricity, construction and installation costs, the regulatory period of construction and commissioning.

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LLC "Project-M" has a rich experience in designing, and one of the company's activities is the design of commercial buildings. The experience of specialists guarantees high quality of fulfilling orders, the price of work will be affordable and competitive. As a result, the object will be profitable and will pay off as quickly as possible. And the customer's expenses will be reduced to a minimum without worsening the end result.

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