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Public buildings

From the qualitatively executed projects of public buildings, the comfortable work and safety of people who are in them daily depends. Therefore, the projects of public buildings must be carried out exclusively by those organizations that, professionally engaged in this type of activity, have all the permissions for conducting it, provided for by the current legislation.

Features of public buildings

From the properly designed project depends largely on the effectiveness of future construction and how ready the building will meet the purposes for which it is intended.

To public buildings include:

  • medical and educational institutions of different levels;
  • shops, pharmacies, shopping centers, public catering establishments;
  • museums, galleries, theaters, libraries;
  • sports facilities, swimming pools, etc.

The order of work and the creation of project documentation

Design of non-residential buildings begins with the development of a draft design. At this stage, the overall architectural appearance of the future building is created, the features of which depend on its purpose, the recommendations of the customer and the creative thought of the developers. The result of the work done is the pre-project documentation:

  • Pre-project solution (draft version of the project).
  • Architectural project.
  • Building project.

Advantages of the company "Project-M"

You can order the design of civil buildings at the optimal cost in the company "Project-M". The work carried out by our specialists to create a public building project enables the customer to get a clear picture of the future construction, a complete package of necessary documents and a financial justification for the construction.

Our company professionally engaged in the development of public buildings projects, having for this all the necessary certificates. Thanks to the efforts of our experts, you will quickly receive a civil construction project that includes all the documents and approvals needed for the commencement of construction.

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