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Office buildings

Office buildings are a kind of administrative buildings, and they are designed according to the same standards. The difference lies in the concept of lay-out of premises: the layout in office buildings is office, and in offices - open or mixed (cellular).

With an open layout (the so-called open space), the office staff is housed in one large hall, which can be divided into working spaces by low plastic partitions. Management's rooms, meeting rooms and rest rooms are separated by glass partitions around the perimeter of the hall. When mixed - individual or group cabinets are separated by light partitions that do not reach the ceiling.

When designing an office, a variant of planning is chosen, which better corresponds to the activities of the company. The project of the office building goes through the stages of outline, architectural and construction design.

Preliminary design

It is supposed to develop only a minimum of project documentation required to obtain a building permit and determine the concept of a future building. As part of the project:

  • Explanatory note with calculation of approximate cost of investments.
  • Floor plans with a draft zoning of premises.
  • Facades with a color design and a 3D layout.
  • Section of the building.
  • Master Plan Scheme

The documentation can also include 3D visualization, which provides an opportunity to view a three-dimensional picture of the building.

Architectural solutions

Documentation of the section architectural solutions is developed on the basis of the customer's technical specification, which determines the required functional parameters of the building, and is presented in a more complete composition:

  • Detailed floor plan.
  • The sections of the building.
  • Explications filling the openings.
  • Roof plan.
  • Fragments of artistic details of the facade.
  • 3D layout of the exterior.
  • Engineering networks and structures without detailed elaboration

At this stage, the artistic image of the office building, premises, which will later become the basis for interior design, is determined.

Building project

The documentation differs from the architectural more detailed drawings and is carried out in strict accordance with the building codes. As part of the documentation - drawings of individual elements, structures and engineering networks. Each section contains detailed specifications of equipment and materials, and at this stage, the final cost of construction is determined.

Construction of administrative buildings is possible only after receiving a positive conclusion of the State Construction Expertise and coordination with all outside organizations.

Where to order the design of office buildings

LLC "Project-M" collects permits, examinations and author's supervision. The prices for the design of office buildings in our company are available, the quality of the services provided confirms the ISO 9001 certificate and all necessary certificates. If you still have any questions, please contact us at the contact information provided on the website.

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