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Multifunctional complexes are a set of differently appointed premises, which are united into one large building.

Such complexes typically include:

  • shopping areas, shops;
  • catering establishments;
  • hotels;
  • sport complexes;
  • entertainment facilities, etc.

They are in demand in large cities, where people spend a lot of time to get from one place to another. Thanks to these complexes, a resident of the city can satisfy all his social needs (sports, shopping, entertainment, etc.) in one place.

Special requirements are imposed on the construction of such buildings. Already the design phase itself is a complex task, requiring a lot of nuances. In particular, compliance with all legal requirements for the safety of people there.


The design of multifunctional buildings includes the following stages:

  • Carrying out a set of activities aimed at exploring the area where the future complex will be located. It includes studying the features of soils, relief, underground communications, etc. After analyzing the data obtained, a technical task is drawn up, which will form the basis for the development of the future project.
  • The concept of the project (pre-project solution). This stage is a sketch of the future project, which gives an opportunity to present the appearance of the building, its location, the purpose of the premises, etc. Also at this stage, a feasibility study for investments is made, which includes the main ideas, directions and business plan.
  • Project development: design of each individual room; Integration of all premises, according to a single concept; designing of the general infrastructure of the building (roads, transitions, parking, etc.).
  • Coordination of documentation in government agencies, examination.

Advantages of Project-M

Would you like to order a multifunctional center project? Please contact our company. LLC "Project-M" for 5 years is engaged in the preparation of project documentation for the construction of multifunctional centers and has several advantages:

  • Work in three-dimensional BIM-model.
  • Applying the experience of foreign partners, modern non-standard solutions and approaches.
  • The work is carried out in terms agreed with the client, without delays.
  • Adequate prices for work.
  • Individual approach to every customer.
  • Guarantee that all projects will be coordinated in state bodies.
  • The presence of numerous positive feedback on the objects of analogues.
  • There are all necessary certificates, certificates and permits.

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