Typical projects

The construction of any building begins with the design. There are typical, individual and experimental projects. A typical (reusable) project is a set of documentation that can be used multiple times for the construction of residential buildings, public buildings, and buildings for industrial production.

Complex design of standard buildings is carried out by order of the state (state companies) or a private investor on the basis of approved short-term and long-term plans, and the finished project is the intellectual property of the developer.

Along with the term "standard project documentation," such names as "design reuse documentation" and "modified project documentation are used. The existing state catalog in RNT of standard projects of buildings and structures is constantly replenished.

A typical project is created according to a single plan, contains a package of documents, ready-made drawings, an explanatory note and an estimate. Its use allows about 30% to reduce the cost of building and designing the facility, if compared with the application of an individual project, the price of which is much higher. In addition, ready-made projects of public and industrial buildings can significantly speed up the construction, since the development of individual projects requires a lot of time.

Features of standard projects

The features of typical projects include the following:

  • They are developed taking into account standard conditions, from which actual geological features and engineering-geodetic ones available on the site of future construction may differ.
  • Changes to the standard project during the erection of the building require agreement with its author, who during the construction of the facility is obliged to carry out the author's supervision.
  • They are developed taking into account the existing experience of construction, scientific and technological progress, according to unified standards, on the basis of available typical building structural elements.
  • They unified planning and design solutions, and the sizes correspond to the requirements of existing standards.

Modern standard projects of administrative, industrial and residential buildings can be applied in different regions with specific conditions. This requires the development of a binding project to clarify certain points: the foundation of the basement, the basement floor, the connection of communications, and so on.

Advantages of Project-M

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