Panel houses

Panel construction is prefabricated and includes a large panel, as well as frame-panel housing construction. The method of efficiency is a building method, in which all structural elements are manufactured at specialized plants and combines and delivered to the site of construction in the finished form, where they are assembled into a single system.

In this way, buildings for various purposes are built:

  • Administrative.
  • Residential.
  • Medical.
  • Educational.
  • Shopping centers.

Buildings are of two types: frame and frameless. There is a complete and internal frame. The first is formed due to the installation of external support posts, it is also referred to as structures with a longitudinal and transverse framework. The second - with the help of internal columns, panels of external walls.

Urgency of design

The projects of panel houses allow to quickly erect buildings, and also have other advantages:

  • Parts manufactured in the factory are always more reliable than elements created directly on the construction site.
  • Finished brought parts can only be collected, this at times increases labor productivity.
  • The area of ​​the construction site is much smaller.
  • Excluded concreting, installation of reinforcement, which greatly facilitates the construction process.

The company "Project-M" provides the following package of services:

  • Collection of documentation.
  • Development of the project at different stages (pre-project documentation, architectural, construction projects).
  • Coordination of design decisions with the necessary organizations.
  • Expertise.
  • Author's supervision.
  • Design development.
  • Selection of materials.

The design of large-panel buildings performed by us corresponds to the TNPA of the Republic of Belarus. We also cooperate with proven construction companies and take into account the details of the future structure. This approach helps to save your money and time.

Stages of design:

  • The client's appeal, the description of the idea, the statement of wishes.
  • Create a sketch.
  • Getting permission.
  • Completion of the design, preparation of the package of documents.

LLC "Project-M" - with us is profitable

We order the design of panel buildings for the following reasons:

  • An adequate price.
  • Since 2012, no negative expert opinion.
  • Compressed terms for the execution of orders.
  • Highly qualified staff.
  • Extensive list of services.
  • Maintenance of the client from the preliminary design to the completion of construction.
  • Presence of certificates, certificates.
  • The official contract.

There was a great idea? We will advise and develop a pre-investment business project for any building.

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