Household buildings

Household buildings are designed to accommodate social services, including sanitary facilities, health, trade, catering, culture and household services.

Each of these rooms has its own specifics and features. The project of any of them must comply with the current regulations, taking into account the specific purposes of the premises included in its composition.

At the same time, any industrial facility has its own household and administrative buildings, the concrete composition of which is established within the framework of development prospects, the specifics of production processes, management, etc. This should also be taken into account when a project of a residential building is being developed in a production enterprise.

Design Features

When designing buildings for domestic and administrative purposes, their binding to a particular place or production is necessarily taken into account. When a construction project is being prepared, the following is primarily taken into account:

  • district construction;
  • the location of pedestrian approaches and entrances to vehicles;
  • profile of social services;
  • planned attendance.

In general, the design process takes place within the framework of the general scheme: first, a preliminary design is developed, at the stage of which, in the course of contacts with the customer, the concept of the object and the general principles of its functioning are coordinated. Further, a package of design documents is developed, which includes:

  • calculations of sanitary equipment and necessary space for its placement;
  • zoning (location) of premises, their logical connection with each other;
  • Calculations of the areas of domestic institutions, administrative services, etc.

When all working moments are resolved, the final draft is mandatory for approval by the Sanitary and Hygienic Service and expertise, if necessary, it is adjusted. Then the corrected version is reconciled with the customer.

The architectural appearance of a residential building does not necessarily have to be monotonous. Modern technologies make it possible to make it original, distinguished from typical objects of this kind.

Why you should contact Project-M

Our company performs the design of household and administrative buildings of different floors, profile and other specifics. We offer the design of residential buildings in view of the characteristics of any district of the city. The customer will be pleasantly surprised by the prices for our services. A guarantee of quality will be hundreds of projects that we have already handed over, including household ones.

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