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Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings are structures intended for the location of industrial enterprises, factories and industrial zones. Buildings and buildings that are industrial, include a complex of premises or a separate structure, necessary for the implementation of production and technological processes. Thus, industrial buildings are needed to carry out operations for the production and sale of industrial products. LLC "Project-M" performs design of industrial buildings and structures for any type of activity.

Features of designing this type of buildings

The design of industrial facilities is largely different from the projects of residential and public buildings. The main task of the project organization is a well-formed section of the Technological Solutions, since in the future the correctness of the work of the remaining specialists will depend on it. When designing industrial facilities it is important to comply with the requirements of the sanitary service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, carry out all necessary approvals and undergo sanitary and state expertise. The project of the production building is created after the development of the technological assignment, the analysis of engineering systems and networks of water, electricity, heating, sewage, ventilation and specific sections.

Equally important is the selection of materials for load-bearing structures. In the design of industrial buildings, this is the issue that determines the durability of the structure and its safety in the long term, as well as the required degree of fire resistance of structures for a particular category of premises. Therefore, special attention is paid to construction and engineering work.

Stages of design:

  1. Development of the project at the stage of pre-project documentation and presentation of a draft version.
  2. Collect the necessary documentation.
  3. Development of the project at the stage of construction (architectural) project.
  4. Final approval of the project.
  5. Examination.

Why "Project-M"?

Our organization has all the necessary certificates and offers reasonable prices for the design of industrial facilities. Given all the requirements of customers, the company has completed many projects of industrial buildings and has formed an impeccable reputation.

Individual approach, adequate cost, quality materials are the key to the success of our work. Still have questions? Please, contact us!

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