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Despite the variety of options, the projects of banks are subject to strict standards imposed on facilities used in this area. While designing a financial institution, our specialists take into account the safety requirements, take into account the design features, the availability of special premises (a box for armored vehicles, special storage) that are necessary for the operation of such facilities.

Features and design stages

Starting work on the design of a financial institution, it is necessary to determine its type, since different banks are presented with different requirements. Each financial institution performs operations with cash, non-cash funds. Services must be carried out quickly, accurately. Visitors should feel comfortable. Therefore, the design of bank buildings should include a competent arrangement of cash windows, waiting areas, payment acceptance departments, and other premises.

In the process of work, cabinets will be required for administrative personnel. A separate room for the head of the unit, his deputy, the inspection department, lending, and others. Often they are not equipped with a separate reception, but are adjacent to the operating room or are located on the second floor.

If the bank has a department for safes, the way to it lies through the operating room. There are similar rooms on the lower level, which allows creating conditions for the preservation of values.

During the design it is necessary to take into account the device of engineering communications. Particular importance in the work of the bank is given to access control systems and security. Today all processes are automated, electronic databases are used for work, so serious interruptions with electricity will lead not only to the shutdown of the institution, but also to losses.

The design process involves the following steps:

  • collection of source and authorization documents;
  • the creation of a project in the framework of pre-project documentation and a construction project;
  • coordination of project decisions with interested organizations;
  • Examination;
  • supervision of construction.

Turning to us, you will be able to develop business and be calm for the quality, prompt execution of the assigned work.

Where better to order a bank project

LLC "Project-M" is a company with experience in developing projects of various structures, including banking institutions. Cooperating with us, you get:

  • interaction with an organization that has all the certificates;
  • adequate cost of services, tight design time;
  • a complex of services "on a turn-key basis", beginning from gathering of the documentation, finishing project realization.

We will provide a sketch, provide supervision over construction, finishing works, and the price of our services will pleasantly surprise you.

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