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When designing educational institutions, it is important to take into account such parameters as general orientation of education, differentiation by age groups, the possibility of transforming premises.

Designing an educational building requires a number of technical conditions, which at the finish of the construction work must correspond to the premises where the children study:

  • isolation of the structure in accordance with its intended purpose - other institutions can not be located here;
  • fencing adjoining territory with the purpose of prevention of penetration of strangers to school yards;
  • the maximum height should not exceed 3 floors;
  • connection to the heat, water and electricity network;
  • Presence in a pre-school establishment of specialized rooms according to age differentiation (including rooms for sleep, games, bathroom);
  • the presence of an economic unit, a sports ground and a separate room for sporting activities.


The design of school buildings and preschools involves the following stages:

  • Pre-project: the study of the initial data and the wishes of the customer, the proposal of preliminary architectural and technical solutions. As a result of the coordination of the key points, preparation of permits for the construction of a children's institution building, connection of communications begins.
  • Preparation of the master plan and its coordination. The document contains detailed location data, zoning of the site.
  • Preparation of a package of working documentation. This includes all the drawings and plans, the results of technical expertise, detailed schemes and notes, permits.

Advantages of the work of the company "Project-M"

The company "Project-M" realizes the projects of educational institutions "on a turn-key basis" on competent and thought-out planning, which allows to optimize the expenditure part, organizes integrated preparation of project documentation at below-average prices in Belarus. We have all the necessary licenses, while the first-class result is confirmed not only by quality certificates, but also by grateful customer feedback.

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