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Roadside business is a profitable investment in the small business sector. However, it can result in additional difficulties, one of which is a roadside café or hotel project.

The success of the whole undertaking depends mainly on the literacy and quality of the design of the institution. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust this issue to professionals.

Before you order a project, first of all, it is necessary to decide which institution or complex you are going to open. This will help the architect, basing on your tasks and goals, to make a project capable of profitable work and develop your business.

Roadside Service Station

The roadside SRT project is based on the planned intensity of the machine flow, the list of basic works that will be performed by the service and on the number of auxiliary premises. Based on this, either a building with one or two boxes and a staff premise or a complex including a car wash, garages, boxes and waiting rooms is projected.

To ensure the comfort and safety of the use of the institution, an integrated approach to design taking into account sanitary and fire safety standards for each type of building is applied separately, and then they are integrated into one project with the help of different types of infrastructure (parking places, access roads, paths, ).

Roadside hotel

Designing the hotel begins with the definition of its class ("star") and destination. You can stay at a full-fledged hotel with rooms and administrative rooms in the same building, or you can choose a motel with separate buildings.

At the same time, they develop a layout structure for the layout of rooms, passageways, the location of warehouse, technical and administrative premises, the intersection of which is not allowed.

Roadside cafe

The project of a road café necessarily takes into account all requirements of sanitary and hygienic and fire regulations. In addition, the profitability of the project is taken into account - the owner's ability to recoup financial investments and make profit for a certain time interval after the opening of his business. The profitability depends on such factors as the location of the roadside facility, the availability of advertising, the nearby tourist routes, price policy and many other factors.

Where to order the project

The company "Project-M" promptly and qualitatively execute roadside service projects at an affordable price and taking into account all the above-mentioned nuances. Our main advantages:

  • implementation in the shortest possible time of the assigned tasks without affecting the quality of the final result;
  • performance of works by highly qualified specialists with great experience and professionalism;
  • optimal ready packages of services in a wide price range and a system of discounts for regular customers;
  • prompt coordination of the project in administrative bodies and collection of all necessary documentation;
  • a convenient schedule of daily work (8:00 - 20:00);
  • a written contractual agreement specifying the time, cost and warranty obligations.

If you have any questions, write to GUI, GAP, who developed such projects, or call the phone numbers listed on the site, and our managers will provide you with all the necessary information.

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