Medical buildings

Every modern city needs hospitals, clinics and other commercial medical institutions. Designing health facilities is a difficult task even for professionals. The reason is high requirements both at the stage of project development and during construction. To cope with a similar task will help specialists of the company "Project-M".

Main stages and features

The design of medical buildings includes the following stages:

  • Development of a draft design. Allows you to understand the purpose, technology, specific equipment, exactly how the structure will look.
  • Development of technological solutions, architectural solutions, water supply and sanitation, heating and ventilation, their coordination with the customer and sanitary and hygienic services.
  • Development of sections of the project, constructive solutions, specific sections: telemedicine, access control system, fire warning, etc.
  • Conducting project coordination and expertise

Medical facilities have a lot of differences depending on the destination. This also affects the requirements for their design. For example, a city polyclinic should have many separate rooms with special medical equipment, while commercial medical centers can specialize in certain types of services, such as dentistry or cardiology, and narcology alone.

All medical institutions must meet the highest requirements in the field of both sanitary and hygienic safety. At the design stage, it is important to take into account all the constituent parts of medical institutions:

  • Study rooms for patients.
  • Spacious vestibules that will allow the operative transportation of lying patients.
  • Lounges for employees.
  • Elevators, kitchen, dining room, utility rooms, sanitary cabins for the disabled, well-maintained territory.
  • Chambers with individual bathrooms.
  • Laboratories and operating rooms (the design of medical and preventive buildings may not assume such offices).


After the completion of work on the project of the medical institution the client receives:

  • Explanatory note.
  • Drawings and sketches.
  • General layout of the structure.
  • Constructive decisions.
  • Schematics of engineering communications.

The employees of our company agree in advance on all the documents submitted to state bodies and sanitary-hygienic zonal service bodies.

We also offer additional services:

  • Supervision during construction.
  • Landscape design.
  • Design of offices and reception areas, other rooms.

Our advantages

LLC "Project-M" has a quality certificate ISO 9001. This is a reliable guarantee of high quality services for our customers. We will design the medical institutions in the shortest possible time, and our low prices will save on each of the design stages.

Our projects always take into account the climatic conditions and other important features of the future structure. We practice an individual approach and are glad to cooperate with each client.

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