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The hotel business is growing rapidly and is developing on the territory of Belarus. A competently prepared project of a hotel or a sanatorium and its successful embodiment will become a pledge of quick payback of costs and will start a profitable business.

The design of hotel buildings is one of the activities of the "Project-M" company. To the buildings of tourist destination serious fire safety requirements are made. The design features of such structures depend on the purpose:

  • When preparing a project of hotels, in advance think over the presence on the territory of the catering, leisure and entertainment (pool, sauna, etc.). For them, there are separate requirements. Take into account the level of comfort (the number of stars), the location of rooms and sizes. When choosing the location of rooms for staff and guests, the key moment is the convenience of staff movement and the comfort of visitors.
  • To the projects of sanatoriums strict rules are made, the needs of guests who are not able to move independently are taken into account. Consider the convenient location of the treatment rooms, rest rooms.
  • The project of an agro tourism (one or several cottages in the country) can realize original ideas. The object can be equipped with a bath, a swimming pool, games rooms, pavilions or a mini-cinema.

Procedure for creating a project and related documents

Design of recreation centers or hotels includes the following stages:

  • Collection and analysis of data (location, geodetic sub-soil, features of terrain and soil).
  • Drawing up of the technical task, a choice of the concept of the project.
  • Consultation with marketers to predict profitability and development, identify the merits and demerits of the project.
  • Making a booklet (used to attract investors and partners in the future).
  • Collection of construction documentation and approval of the project in architecture and construction.
  • Drawing up drawings for the construction project.
  • Carrying out of approvals and expertise of the project

The advantages of cooperation with "Project-M"

The company "Project-M" offers the best prices for projects of hotels and hotel complexes in Belarus. Experience of work provides an opportunity to guarantee clients a quick collection of necessary documents for the project's approval in the relevant bodies. No less quickly drawn up and drawings, but this speed does not mean an unscrupulous approach. Each project is prepared according to an individual strategy, taking into account current requirements and standards. The company offers regular customers a system of discounts and works with large and small tasks, providing packages of services in a wide range of prices. Cooperation with "Project-M" is not just the acquisition of a set of drawings, this is the first and main step on the way to conducting a successful business.

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