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Project of work production

According to the current legislation, before starting construction and installation work to obtain a building permit, a project will be required. Well-designed and coordinated documentation helps to organize the process of producing works in the part of schedules for the supply of equipment, the need for household premises, the choice of equipment and lifting mechanisms, and the organization of construction.

Who needs the PPR

The development of a project for the production of works is needed not only for the erection of buildings, but also for the construction and reconstruction of a separate part of the building. It refers to key documents that are required to permit construction work.

PPR is required for both customers and builders. The document should contain effective methods for implementing construction processes that provide the following benefits:

  • a significant reduction in the cost of the facility;
  • reduction of construction time;
  • increase the level of reliability, safety of the structure during operation.

The order of development

PPR contains:

  • stroygenplan site;
  • the description of placement of geodetic signs;
  • technological maps for different types of processes;
  • an explanatory note describing key decisions, environmental measures, labor protection requirements.

The project for the production of works in full is required during the construction of working enterprises within the city, in difficult natural conditions, in the construction of technically complex structures. In this case, in addition to the sections mentioned, it contains:

  • the calendar plan, in which the terms of construction are indicated;
  • schedule of delivery of necessary materials, equipment;
  • calculation of energy needs;
  • a mode of work, rest of employees;
  • the schedule of movement of workers, machines on the site;
  • decisions concerning the organization of temporary infrastructure;
  • solutions for securing the goods and materials.

Work on the creation of the PPR begins with an introduction to the design and estimate documents, construction conditions. As primary documents, you will need:

  • project of organization of construction;
  • paper for the technical condition of the structure, if repair is planned;
  • working documentation of sections architectural, construction solutions, master plan;
  • the schedule of work, deliveries to the object of specialized equipment technology, special vehicles.

Advantages of cooperation with us

When you choose LLC Project-M as a contractor to create a PPD, you get undeniable advantages:

  • Individual approach.
  • Guarantee of quality, harmonization.
  • Flexible prices.
  • Great experience of the staff of the section of the PPR (developed facilities such as the Palace of Gymnastics on Pobediteley Avenue, the Supreme Court, the Sail on Kalvariyskaya, etc.).

Creative, young professionals with a high level of skill will help you transfer to paper, and then realize your requirements and wishes.

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