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Facade design

Modern building technologies allow to choose design and modern type of a design, to design facades of buildings according to features of operation of a construction, personal wishes of the customer. The design of the enclosing structures (exterior walls) of the building allows to solve the following issues:

  1. Increase of insulation characteristics - due to the presence of a facade system, the insulation of premises increases.
  2. Noise protection - is relevant when the house is located in the vicinity of a major traffic junction, a busy highway.
  3. Resistance to the negative impact of the environment - allows you to extend the life of the supporting structures.
  4. Improve the architectural expressiveness of buildings.

In the process of creating a project, parameters such as fire resistance, environmental friendliness, fire safety of the structure are taken into account. Specialists indicate the material that will be used for the installation of the system, the type of facade.

The design of building facades includes the creation of a layout map for facade elements, sections of assembly units, schemes, development of detailed design drawings. Our designers will make specifications for all used materials, will conduct a general project coordination.

Stages of cooperation

Regardless of the options for the chosen finishes, cooperation with LLC "Project-M" involves the following stages:

  1. Creating a sketch, which will help determine the optimal solution for cutting the material, layout of the cassettes, to make an accurate calculation of materials.
  2. Implementation of basic calculations, including determination of the area of ​​decoration, the volume of materials, resources for creating a subsystem.
  3. Prepare a working project that reflects the full picture of costs, including optimizing the use of elements to create the system.
  4. Coordination, approval, carrying out of examination of the accepted design decisions.

Why you should contact us

Our company will create a project of the facade of the building taking into account the latest innovations in the field of architecture and design, will prepare the necessary technical documents that are needed for approval and implementation of the project, as soon as possible. Our specialists will help to restore existing systems or develop new options with the subsequent receipt of certificates. A professional, flexible approach to the task at hand, affordable prices are the main advantages of the "Project-M".

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