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Design project

The interior design project is a package of documents in which the internal design of the premises is described and shown in the drawings in detail, taking into account the smallest details. In our company you can order a design project for any premises, be it a residential building or a commercial premises. Professional development of the design project will allow:

  • Rationally distribute the interior space of the room, thus providing a high level of comfort.
  • Pick up materials that are ideal for decoration, eliminating the need for tedious searches in stores, as all specifications with sales locations will be provided.
  • To save time, necessary for making decisions, because the independent development of all its details by the customer can last a very long time.
  • Save money during construction and finishing (the finishing organizations will be given precise instructions in the project documentation).

The cost of the design project will depend on the composition of the project, the size and purpose of the premises.

Why it is worth ordering an interior design project

Ordering the development of an interior design project, you eliminate yourself from the many inconveniences associated with creating it yourself. Being designed by professional designers, the interior design will provide for the smallest details of accommodation of communications, furniture, equipment and other elements. To carry out such work to a person who does not have the appropriate experience is often beyond his power.

All that is required from the customer to create a project is to explain to the designer how he would like to see the room, his ideas and ideas. The specialist will take into consideration these wishes and professionally embody them in three-dimensional sketches. Each stage of development, from the creation of the sketch, will necessarily be coordinated with the customer.

Advantages of the company "Project-M"

An important feature and advantage of the "Project-M" is the ability to move to the world of 3D reality in special glasses, walk through future premises, to feel in real time how this or that decision will look before the work is done.

The company "Project-M", for a long time engaged in the development of design projects for residential and administrative offices, catering halls and cultural and entertainment centers, keeps up to date and embodies only the latest achievements of design ideas in their works. All without exception, the company's designers are creative thinkers, their decorating solution for the interior of the room becomes a real work of art.

Any project, no matter how difficult it is, is created by Project-M employees in the shortest possible time. The prices for the design project of a store, office space, hotel and restaurant depend on the volume and specifics of the work, as well as on what adjustments the customer will make to the development.

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