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Apartment complex MK-2 near industrial. park "Great Stone"

"Construction of a residential area on the territory of the priority development of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park" Great Stone"

The MK-2 multi-apartment complex includes: multi-apartment residential buildings 1.1 and 1.2 according to the State Enterprise, an underground 1-storey parking for 170 cars, built-in social premises located in the basement of a residential building 1.2.

  • Functional fire hazard class according to TCP 45-2.02-1315-2018 - F1.3;
  • The degree of fire resistance according to TKP 45-2.02-315-2018 - II;
  • Responsibility level - II (normal);
  • Difficulty class according to STB 2331-2015 - K-4.

In the multi-storey complex MK2, under the residential buildings, there is a 1-storey underground parking for 170 cars at elev. -5.000. The height of the room is 2.8 m, excluding protruding structures. There are 2 entrances / exits, located dispersed. Communication with residential buildings is carried out using elevators.

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