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Residential building number 2 on the street. Volmyanskiy shlyakh in Kolodischi

Stylish and cozy low-rise residential complex is located 10 km from the Uruchye metro station. From the exit from Minsk by car, the complex can be reached in about 10-15 minutes. There is a well-developed system of public transport, both road and rail.
The architectural concept of the residential complex provides for the construction of three-storey residential buildings with built-in social facilities on the ground floor of each residential building, which provides future residents with a more comfortable living environment.

The residential complex includes 3 three-storey apartment buildings with original facades made of linear panels (ventilated facade), which do not fade or lose color, so that the house will look attractive and tidy at any time of the year; balconies with panoramic glazing; glazed entrance door blocks equipped with video intercom, etc. Due to the small number of storeys of houses, all neighbors know each other.

Each residential building has two entrances. External walls and partitions are made of ceramic stone with insulation. Internal walls and partitions are also made of ceramic stone, which is significantly superior in sound insulation and strength to partitions made of lightweight concrete.

The house has 1, 2, 3-room apartments. The area of ​​one-room apartments starts from 42 square meters, two-room apartments - from 65 square meters, three-room apartments - from 86 square meters.

A distinctive feature of the layouts of this residential complex is the arrangement of a spacious kitchen-dining room in each apartment, which significantly expands the functionality of the premises in comparison with the traditional kitchen, and also supports the development trends of modern residential real estate. In case of urgent need in most apartments, this kitchen-dining room can be divided into 2 rooms.

Another distinctive feature of the layouts is a relatively small intra-apartment corridor, but despite the compact dimensions, the designers still managed to provide a place for installing a cabinet in each apartment.

The interior decoration of the common areas of the residential building will be made of high-quality finishing materials of domestic and foreign production. High-quality tiles will be used in the decoration of the stairs, plaster and acrylic paints in the decoration of the walls.

Small areas, optimal layouts and high quality building materials make the project attractive for permanent residence. Heating is provided for each apartment from individual sources - wall-mounted gas 2-circuit boilers.

On the adjoining territory, according to the developed master plan, a sufficient number of parking spaces are provided, which corresponds to modern urban planning standards, places for placing a bicycle parking, as well as two children's and sports grounds.

The complex stands right in the center of a fairly dense cottage development. These are brick houses with modern apartment layouts. Here, a one-room apartment can be easily re-planned into a two-room apartment due to the enlarged kitchen-dining room. The living room in "odnushki" is also large - up to 18 sq.m. The three-room apartments have 2 bathrooms, the kitchen has large French windows. In addition, among the features of the complex - apartment heating (gas boilers and stoves), screed in all apartments, finishing of the walls.

The residential complex "Volmyanskiy Shlyakh" is located in ag. Kolodischi, consists of three low-rise buildings. It is interesting that all houses have their own street name: st. Volmyanskiy Shlyakh, 71, Lipovaya Alleya, 25, Dubovy Log, 10. It is literally a stone's throw to both the road and the forest. It is quite convenient to get to Minsk - minibuses and buses run. If you go by car, the distance to the Moscow Ring Road is about 11 km.

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