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Today, monolithic construction is the most popular and promising technology for building multi-storey buildings, which consists in erecting separate structural elements from reinforced concrete mix using special formwork directly on the site of construction work.

Features of monolith buildings

Competent projects of monolithic houses allow the construction of solid buildings capable of withstanding colossal loads. In addition, monolithic technology offers a number of other advantages:

  • The absence of joints in the design eliminates the need to adjust them to each other.
  • Possibility to create premises practically without restrictions on perimeter and form.
  • The absence of voids in reinforced concrete frames provides excellent sound insulation.
  • The construction of the facility from the beginning to the completion takes place on the construction site. There is no need for massive cranes and heavy equipment.
  • The use of various facade decoration materials allows creating architectural objects of a wide variety of styles and unique appearance.

Why do I need a project?

In order for the monolithic building to comply with the current norms of the TCH EN and possess all of the above advantages, before starting work, it is necessary to order the development of a project performed by qualified specialists taking into account the specified conditions.

The design of monolithic buildings allows the use of ready-made standard designs, if they are suitable for specified conditions. Many typical projects are implemented taking into account the climatic conditions of a particular region.

Stages of designing monolithic buildings in the company "Project-M":

  1. Drawing up a task for designing with the conditions and wishes of the customer.
  2. Study of the topographical and urban planning of the territory of the future object.
  3. Implementation of the project, including an electronic 3D-format and several options for the future structure, which will allow the customer to choose a suitable sample with the optimal ratio of parameters.
  4. Constructive calculation of a monolithic building taking into account loads on monolithic elements, strength of the reinforced section and prevention of the danger of crack development.
  5. Development of a documentary database of the project with an indication of the list of construction materials, stages and terms of construction, technologies and parameters: the method of concreting; used frames; a variant of the direction of the beams; the technique used; form of formwork; temperature and climatic regimes.
  6. Conducting project coordination and expertise

Why you should contact us

Designing of buildings from monolithic reinforced concrete by the specialists of LLC "Project-M" for more than 5 years allows us to successfully implement the construction of reliable and durable structures. They always provide high comfort and complete safety at maximum operating loads.

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