Warehouse buildings

The modern storage room is a complex, multi-zone infrastructure that includes ventilation, heating, air conditioning, power supply, water disposal, security and video surveillance systems, firefighting, and an IT system for accounting for stored products. It also includes a parking lot and a network of access roads, from the correct organization of which the speed of the turnover of the warehouse will depend.

Therefore, the competent design of warehouses and buildings, performed by professionals, has become a necessity that will later help to avoid additional costs and problems in the construction process, obtaining permits and operating the premises.

Stages and requirements

For the convenience of the task, the design is divided into several stages:

  • Determination of the purpose of the warehouse structure, the volume of the stored goods and the creation of the design task.
  • Execution of a sketch of the external appearance of the structure, determination of its dimensions, wall materials, features of the engineering infrastructure.
  • Development of a warehouse construction project with a detailed description of the sequence of construction works, calculation of estimates and specifications of materials at all stages of erection of the structure.

Any warehouse building project must meet existing requirements. Here are the main ones:

  • must be provided free access to trucks;
  • availability of a sufficient number of loading and unloading sites;
  • The width of the passages must ensure safe maneuvering of loading and unloading equipment;
  • goods should be placed optimally, with the ability to quickly access it;
  • possibility of integration into the warehouse room of automated systems of accounting and delivery of goods - warehouse logistics;
  • the possibility of rational installation of climatic equipment and storage systems.

Failure to comply with several or one of the items leads to a decrease in the efficiency of cargo handling, equipment downtime, violation of the temperature regime,

Features of warehouse design

Stages of creating design solutions for warehouses are similar to the design of buildings for other purposes, but they have their own peculiarities. Therefore, the project team needs:

  • to develop and take into account in the draft scheme the movement of personnel and equipment inside the premises;
  • calculate the percentage ratio of the areas of warehouses, roads with parking lots and "green zone";
  • to calculate the number of entry and exit gates, based on the volume of cargo flow set in the project;
  • make optimal zoning of intra-warehouse premises;
  • choose the type of storage equipment and storage systems;
  • to form a logistic model of the warehouse.

If you are interested in quality design of warehouses, contact Project-M. We will implement projects of any complexity.

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