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Development of cafe and restaurant projects


If you decide to open your own cafe, restaurant or other institution, then it is worthwhile to implement this idea gradually. First and foremost, you should choose the projects of cafes and restaurants that will satisfy all your requirements and desires. It should be remembered that in addition to your desires, there are rules for designing places for catering. The development of the cafe project in Minsk is carried out taking into account a number of features:

  • location of a cafe, restaurant (landscape, city center or quiet street, etc.);
  • target audience (children's cafe, a place for youth, sportsmen, young mothers, etc.);
  • features of the kitchen (national or European, etc.);
  • the need for zoning space.

With their observance and professional approach to designing a restaurant, a cafe can not only create a cozy place to relax, but also increase the number of visitors thanks to a competently chosen design, carefully thought out interior.


проект кафе

Architectural projects are a multifaceted and complex task, the solution of which is subject only to an experienced specialist. It is necessary to create a holistic architectural image, which has to communicate and rest, and at the same time correctly design engineering systems, fulfill all the necessary standards and requirements for TB, ecology and hygiene. In order to obtain the maximum effect from the cafe, the restaurant, it is necessary to distinguish 3 components of the design:

  • interior design,
  • functional part;
  • additional systems. 

The internal design is developed taking into account the specialization and general concept of the institution. Rational engineering systems design will create conditions for effective functioning of the necessary equipment, and properly designed additional systems will only improve the quality of service. If you do not take into account these nuances, the owner of a cafe or restaurant will face a lot of problems, which can often be resolved only by re-planning the building or complex repairs. That is why the development of the project should be entrusted to the company, which will not only perform its work qualitatively, but will also take into account all relevant normative acts and requirements. 

LLC "Project-M" offers you services to create projects of any complexity. We can easily create a roadside café project and a turn-key restaurant project. And if you do not like to wait and want to save considerably time and money, then you can see ready-made cafe projects on our website. The choice of such a project will allow you to save considerably, as the price for a finished restaurant project is much lower than its performance on an individual order.

Why to order a project from us is beneficial?

By entrusting this work to us, you can protect yourself from all sorts of mistakes that can be made directly at the design stage - the most important stage. Our employees will develop a detailed plan of the institution, a technological project, select the necessary equipment, coordinate all project documentation, and also design the engineering networks taking into account all sanitary and hygienic norms and requirements. 

Contact us, and you will get maximum result and perfect conditions for business development! 

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